All of our guitar timbers are quarter-sawn.
The advantages of quarter-sawn timbers are as follows:

–  Reduced shrinkage and cupping during drying;
–  The best grain shows on the timber face;
–  Greater stability of form and size with more resistance against warping with changes in moisture;
–  The visible grain is much straighter and it is the evenness of the grain that gives quarter-sawn wood its
greater stability.

Milling process of Quarter-Sawn Timbers

Quarter-sawing gets its name from the fact that the log is first quartered lengthwise, resulting in wedges with a right angle ending at approximately the centre of the original log.  Each quarter is then cut separately by tipping it up on its point and sawing boards successively along the axis.  This results in boards with the annual growth rings mostly perpendicular to the faces.  Quarter-sawing yields boards with straight, striped grain lines and greater stability than flat sawn wood.


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