New Guinea Rosewood One Piece Neck

Each neck features a volute that can be customised to your shape (or leave as is) and a modern neck profile that players are accustomed to.

This neck will suit either a bolt on or dovetail mortice and tenon joint which can be cut by hand or on your own speciality jig (not included).

This neck will also accommodate a 25.4 or 25.5 scale length or there is more than enough material behind the 14th fret body join location and it includes enough material at the headstock end to suit a 5mm wide nut.


One-piece neck

  • Volute
  • Includes truss rod to suit truss rod slot
  • Filler strip to go over truss rod
  • 45mm nut width
  • 55mm at the 14th fret body join location
  • Modern heel shape with rosewood heel cap in place (can remove if not wanted by sanding)
  • 90mm headstock width
  • 95mm heel depth



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This neck is made in Australia to exact specifications and will save you hours of work, allowing more time to focus on the details of your guitar.

Acoustic guitar heel
Rosewood acoustic neck heel
Acoustic guitar neck
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Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions800 × 90 × 95 mm