Camphor Laurel CAP #42

Quarter sawn – book matched pair with lovely colour and grain markings.

Dimensions: 480 x 390 x 10mm


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Camphor Laurel CAP

Quarter sawn – book matched pair with lovely colour and grain markings.

Dry and ready to use.

Camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) is sometimes used as a timber for making musical instruments, particularly in regions where it is abundant, like parts of Australia. There are several reasons why camphor laurel can be a suitable choice for instrument timber:

  1. Density and Hardness: This timber is a dense and hard wood, which can produce a bright and resonant tone in musical instruments. Its density allows for good sustain and projection of sound, making it suitable for instruments like acoustic guitars and violins.
  2. Stability: Camphor laurel is stable and resistant to warping and cracking. This stability is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of musical instruments, especially those with delicate and finely-tuned components like violins or pianos.
  3. Aesthetics: The wood of camphor laurel often exhibits attractive grain patterns and colours, which can enhance the visual appeal of musical instruments. This can be particularly important for instruments like acoustic guitars, where the appearance of the wood can be a selling point.
  4. Resonance: Camphor can contribute to the resonance and tonal qualities of an instrument. The wood’s unique acoustic properties can be desirable for achieving a specific sound profile in instruments like guitars or mandolins.
  5. Availability: In regions where camphor laurel is abundant, it can be a cost-effective and sustainable source of instrument timber. Utilizing locally available wood can help reduce the environmental impact of instrument production and support local industries.


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Weight1 kg
Dimensions480 × 390 × 10 mm