Bunya Pine Soundboard #5

Quarter sawn, book matched pair –  Nice straight grain, really clean Soundboards.

Dimensions: 550 x 435 x 4.2 mm


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Bunya Pine Soundboard

Quarter sawn, book matched pair –  Nice straight grain, really clean Soundboards.

Bunya pine is a type of coniferous tree that is native to Australia. It has become a popular wood for acoustic guitar soundboards because of its unique tonal properties.

The wood of the bunya pine is quite lightweight, which allows it to vibrate freely and produce a warm, rich, and responsive sound. Its stiffness-to-weight ratio is also excellent, making it an ideal choice for acoustic soundboards.

It has a unique tonal character, with a bright and focused mid-range and a warm low-end response. It is known for producing a clear and articulate sound, with excellent sustain and projection.

Additionally, it is relatively easy to work with and is a stable wood, meaning it is less prone to cracking or warping over time. This makes it an ideal choice for guitar makers who want a reliable and consistent sound from their instruments.

Overall, the combination of its unique tonal properties, lightweight and stiff characteristics, and easy workability make Bunya Pine a great choice for acoustic guitar soundboards.

Medullary rays are a type of structure that can be found in many different types of timber. They are a radial arrangement of living cells that run perpendicular to the tree’s growth rings, from the pith (center) of the tree to the outer edges.

David from Australian Guitar Timbers mills all his logs, which sit in strip and air dry for at least two years before being cut into blocks. The timber is placed in a Solar or Electric Kiln and dried further to between 8 and 10% moisture content. Nearly all of David’s logs are sourced locally here in Queensland except for the Tasmanian Timbers.  Rather than trees being sent to be chipped they are saved and collected to be repurposed. Australian Guitar Timbers sustainably collect wood and love that they can convert the timber into a much-loved instrument part. 


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Dimensions550 × 435 × 4.2 mm