Blackwood CAP #6

Book matched pair – dry and ready to use

Beautiful colour with  delicate spalt markings

Dimensions: 535 x 350 x 5.6 mm


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Blackwood CAP

Book matched pair – dry and ready to use.

Beautiful colour with delicate spalt markings

David from Australian Guitar Timbers mills all his own logs which then sit in strip and air dry for at least two years before being cut into blocks. The timber is then placed in a Solar or Electric Kiln and dried further to between 8 and 10% moisture content. Nearly all of the logs David has are sourced locally here in Queensland with the exception of the Tasmanian Timbers.  Rather than trees being sent to be chipped they are saved and collected to be repurposed. Australian Guitar Timbers collect wood in a sustainable way and love that they can convert the timber into a much-loved instrument part. 

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Weight.9 kg
Dimensions535 × 350 × 5.6 mm