Stunning guitar made from Quilted & Spalted Queensland Blackwood

Greg Lang paid a visit to the workshop on the weekend to show me the stunning guitar he has made out of Quilted and Spalted Queensland Blackwood supplied by me. Greg has done a fantastic job and it gives me such pleasure when Australian Guitar Timbers can supply such beautiful tonewood to makers.

Maurice Paul Guitars

Maurice Paul Guitars Australian Guitar Timbers

Maurice Paul Guitars Maurice Coutanceau of Maurice Paul Guitars visited us at our workshop in Maleny. Maurice is a very skilled guitar maker who has been handcrafting exquisite guitars for many years now both in Australia and Nepal. Maurice often uses our guitar timbers for the building of his beautiful guitars.  In the photos below […]

Exquisite Jamaican Fiddlewood

Jamaican fiddlewood guitar making

Jamaican Fiddlewood (citharexylum spinosum) We have just managed to source a beautiful Jamaican Fiddlewood from one of the local properties in Maleny. Not knowing too much about this species, we researched it and found out the following. It is a West Indian native tree and the name “Fiddlewood” refers to the use of the tree’s […]

Milling Bunya Pine for Soundboards

Ced (my ever-willing offsider on the mill with boundless energy) and I, had a fabulous day milling today in the beautiful, rolling hills of Maleny.  We got to cut one of two magnificent Bunyas that came in from one of the Bed and Breakfasts in our neighbouring village of Montville. The end result being some […]

Spalted Blackheart Sassafras Guitar

Spalted Blackheart Sassafras Guitar This is a Maurice Paul guitar, handmade, using our beautiful spalted Blackheart Sassafras. It was sold through our Gallery to a customer in the UK!  

Milling in the Country

  Pet Bull at the Mill Site ‘Smoko’ time at the Mill with “44” our resident bull resting in the warmth of the fresh sawdust!! He likes to get in on the action too!